Read the Wikipedia page for Grantville, and you may not be enticed to visit. But if you happen to be a fan of the gory good time that is The Walking Dead, the Prohibition-era film Lawless or Toby Keith’s faded country singer in the film Broken Bridges, then Grantville is the destination for you.

Despite the fact that people on the interwebs have described Grantville as faded and “postapocalyptic,” this sleepy Southern city isn’t quite the zombie town it’s been made out to be. With Hollywood scouting and small-screen fandom growing, life in Grantville is becoming curiously grand.

What Makes Grantville Special

In addition to consistently being chosen as a filming location for a variety of movies and TV shows, Grantville also boasts several other fun attractions.

A Real Haunted Castle …

Bonnie Castle, one of Georgia’s most haunted houses, is located in downtown Grantville.

And One Very Historic Train Depot

Built in 1895, the Grantville Passenger Depot ceased operations in the middle of the 20th century. The building then served as the local police station and later as office space before sitting vacant for a number of years. In 2018, Grantville began restoring the building to use it as its visitor information center, and in 2022, the restoration project won the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation Chairman’s Award.

Upcoming Events

Crowd of friends and family on a green at Jazz in the Park even