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Our rich heritage dates back nearly 200 years, and since then Coweta has progressed into an eclectic destination that offers visitors outdoor adventure, picturesque downtowns, vibrant culture and unique shopping options. We have one of the largest state parks in Georgia and seven historic neighborhoods on the National Register of Historic Places, plus we’ve even earned a spot in Atlas Obscura. Come discover what makes us so unique.



Although the people on the interwebs have described it as faded and “postapocalyptic,” this sleepy Southern city isn’t quite the zombie town it’s been made out to be. With Hollywood scouting and small-screen fandom growing, as well as boasting an award-winning historic train depot, life in Grantville is starting to become curiously grand.



A few things to know about Haralson: There are no stoplights (but it does have stop signs), and everyone knows everyone else. Which is pretty darn nice, if you ask us (and one of the No. 1 reasons to visit). It also happens to be the oldest town in Coweta. Respect.



From cotton and peaches to hosiery and Lewis Grizzard, Moreland has produced much history in its time. Today, this town is a far cry from “Anywhere, USA.” Instead, it embodies small-town charm and boasts a unique mix of old and new.



Say hello to our good friend, the city of Newnan. As Coweta’s county seat, this town has plenty to talk about. Like the fact that it has not one but six districts on the National Register of Historic Places, which is why it’s nicknamed City of Houses. And it’s also where you’ll find the country’s second-largest state park, Chattahoochee Bend State Park.



In addition to being home to Riverwood Studios, Senoia and its historically charming downtown have also served as the backdrop to a variety of movies and TV shows for well over the last three decades. With a bustling Main Street, cute boutiques and ridiculously good eats, the city is the perfect setting for your next big break.



Awarded the most caring city in 2020 by Insurify, Sharpsburg is giving us all the feels. From a history that got its boom from cotton and the railway to a present-day community with a thriving arts scene (who’s up for art, dance and quilting classes in the recreation center?), Sharpsburg invites you to take a step back in time and enjoy old-town charm.



If you’re getting Italian Job vibes, there’s a good reason. In 1870, the town of Preston was renamed Turin after Turin, Italy. Why the name change? Besides Italy being absolutely dreamy, the railroad was coming. In addition to that, the infamous Barbie Beach (and the reason Coweta’s in Atlas Obscura) is located here. Sure, it may not be Italy, but this Turin has plenty of potential and is much easier to get to.