Eclectic Energy: Exploring the Best Quirky Locales in Coweta County

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Step outside your comfort zone

If you’re in a funk when it comes to planning weekend fun, don’t waste another second heading to the same old brewery or park for the umpteenth time. In Coweta County, every day’s an adventure and you’ll never run into a shortage of out-of-the-box activities to delight the entire family. From trying out new sports like pickleball and disc golf to touring a film set or hitting the raceway, the sky’s the limit. Ready to shake up your routine? Plan a weekend trip to Coweta county and consider these quirky-cool places to buck tradition and make some memories.

Barbie Beach

OK, so it’s not an actual beach, but we guarantee you’ll get a kick out of this roadside attraction built by Steve and Linda Quick. The longtime residents of Turin, Georgia, created a 4-foot-by-6-foot sandy display in their front yard, where they frequently rearrange dozens of Barbies in scenes to match current events like the Final Four playoffs, Olympics, and the Royal Wedding. With the new Barbie movie coming out, there’s no better time to see what Barbie’s doing in Coweta County (spoiler alert: she might just be a zombie).

Speed to the Senoia Raceway

Those with a need for speed can make a mad dash to the Senoia Raceway to see a number of races from motocross to sprint cars. Events, shows, and races are scheduled year-round (weather permitting), so you’ll always have something to see. Buy seats in the grandstands or, if you’re lucky, you can grab one of the highly-coveted pit passes or trackside parking spots —there’s not a bad view in the house.

Play a Round of Disc Golf

The 54-acre Hunter Complex in Sharpsburg is a popular spot for all kinds of sports, activities, and recreation, but the real star is the disc golf course. The complex’s newest addition features 18 holes, professionally designed for the most serious disc golfers to delve into. Cowetan Kevin McCoy is a world-champion disc golfer and a course designer who now works for Innova Disc Golf. If you need more disc golf action, be sure to check out the 9-hole course at the Temple Ave. Complex.

Join the Pickleball Madness

If you live just about anywhere in the U.S., chances are you’ve heard the term pickleball come up more than once over the past few years. Maybe it’s a neighbor who took up the sport or grandparents who play with their church group, but everywhere you look, pickleball is taking off. See what all the fuss is about at The HOP (House of Pickleball). The massive facility with 15 courts hosts free Pickleball 101 clinics where new players of all ages can come, learn, and leave with a new favorite activity.

Take a “Walking Dead” Tour

For fans of the hit AMC zombie show “The Walking Dead,” or just those curious about how movie and TV magic comes together, Coweta County is your spot. The show was filmed exclusively in Georgia, so there are sites all over the area where certain scenes or seasons were filmed. For a guided tour with fun facts about the show and the process of filming it, book with either of our film tour groups. These will take you around Senoia (which is home to both Alexandria and Woodbury on the show) on foot, golf cart, or by van to see all of the major sites. Be sure to stop into the Woodbury Shoppe, where you can pick up clothing, gifts, and other collectibles all related to the show.

Sample Eclectic Eats

You’ll find friendly faces, plenty of stories, and delicious homestyle eats at Redneck Gourmet. The Newnan favorite is known for its hearty breakfast and huge choice of sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs for lunch and dinner. We recommend the fried pickles and redneck caviar with any meal. Another great place to eat with an interesting story is Nic & Norman’s Restaurant, a modern American spot opened by none other than Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon in “The Walking Dead”) and Greg Nicotero, the lead director and executive producer of the smash hit show. The Senoia location is known for great burgers, pizza, and a fun brunch menu.

Eclectic Adventures Await

Any trip to these iconic Coweta oddities ensures awesome memories you’ll be talking about for years to come. Make a weekend of it in one or all of our seven communities and experience Southern charm, cinematic wonder, and tasty local cuisine at every turn.

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