People walking the trail of The LINC

Coweta County’s LINC Paves the Way to a Better Quality of Life

Meet the LINC

The Master Plan

In 2017, the city of Newnan and the Coweta County Commission approved a master plan to develop a 26-mile network of paved paths that serves to “repurpose some of the public rights-of-way and greenspace to create safe and enjoyable spaces for walking, biking, and socializing in Newnan/Coweta.”

The goal was to connect the east and west sides of Newnan, with all trails leading to the downtown district, as well as positively impact property values, community health, and economic development in the area. The multi-use path has become a family favorite for riding through Newnan.

So far, nearly five miles of the total 26-mile path have been opened. A third phase, dubbed the “missing LINC,” is set to be completed soon.

For the Whole Family

Like the Atlanta Beltline or the Silver Comet Trail, the LINC will eventually connect larger neighborhoods with area attractions, such as the Newnan Center and Ashley Park.

“The first section of LINC goes from our neighborhood to my son’s elementary school,” says Brent Snodgrass, operations manager for Coweta County Parks and Recreation. “So we made a new tradition—we biked the first day of school together. He rides his own bike, and he’s 5 years old.”

Art Installations

A visitor’s experience along the path is further enhanced through public art installations. Two murals were designed by muralist John Christian in collaboration with Newnan High School art students in 2019, and the first public art sculpture, created by Chris Rothermel, was gifted to the LINC in 2022.

A second sculpture, designed by University of West Georgia student Kelli Cadena, was installed along the trail in late 2022 as part of a larger public art project. It was designed using historic patterns from the R.D. Cole Manufacturing Company and aluminum from Bonnell Aluminum, two cornerstone industries of Newnan from both its past and present.

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